Thursday, July 29, 2010

the myth

Heavily she questions thought

and time itself surrenders

The conscience of surreal mind

arising on her benders

Mysterious in self belief

they dart and eye their prey

And flashing darkness is relief

for words cannot convey

Elusive one, for she is not

the icon of our danger

Though eyes are wide and stumbling now

sweet focus on the stranger

Aloof in mind and body she floats

The search of it in vain

Ideals remaining far beyond

they're hampered by the rain

So habit brings and habit forms

The cycle is beseeching

Perpetuating myth and lore

as darkness is her teaching

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


My good fellows,

Here be my initial post, a distraction from what's due
I pay now for incompetence; my notes are all askew
Hampering attempts to write a comprehensive string
The time it takes to sift and sort and slice a dithering thing

Undignified it teeters in the balance of there and here
Its quality is questionable, and inspires dreaded fear
My essay screams undignified, ill-mannered in its verse
So fire up the ovens, it arrives quite soon in a hearse

Oh what a lovely camera, a necessary buy-
Crap, lose focus once again, tomorrow you will cry
I cannot help but look around my cluttered little cove
Wishing I was back in Scotland, hidden in a grove

Alas the written word wins out, above Achilles' heel
Demanding my whole evening without attracting zeal
Illusions on a dotted screen escaping wrath of the mind
Stupidity in simplest form; you and I, the procrastinating kind.